How Can Orthotics Help People with Heel Pain

Jonathan Tomines | May 8, 2015 | 0 comment.

How Can Orthotics Help With Heel Pain

Foot orthotics can be very helpful for people suffering from foot and heel pain. Custom made orthotics can reduce heel pain significantly. People suffering from plantar fasciitis can use orthotics to reduce pain and swelling of the fascia. Similarly, people suffering from tendinitis can also benefit from custom-made orthotics.

Orthotics provides support to the swollen regions of the heel and restores normal functioning after repeated use. Many custom-made orthotics pads are available at drugstores that help in reducing the pain and discomfort of spurs, tendinitis, fasciitis and related problems of the heel. These pads can be worn inside shoes to avoid damage and stress fractures of the heel.

They are specially designed to suit the needs of the user. A person suffering from heel spurs can use custom-made orthotics to diminish the pain caused by spurs. This special orthotics is designed in such a way that it provides a cushion to the heel and massages the swollen area to alleviate the pain. Many orthotics are enabled with acupressure pads that constantly relax the heel. Orthotics pads become effective only with regular usage. They should be worn for 2-4 hours or more, depending on the severity of heel pain.

People can also slippers that are enabled with orthotics arch support. These custom-made slippers are very comfortable for people suffering from heel pain.

Orthotics pads are also available for children who are training to become athletes. Children between the ages of 7-15 are highly susceptible to heel injuries. Thus, it is recommended that they use custom-made orthotic pads to safeguard their heels and muscles from inflammation and injuries.

Expert advice is recommended before purchasing orthotics or getting a custom-made orthotics pad. Orthotics are made for different types of heel pains – a person suffering from heel spurs may not benefit from an orthotics pad made for tendinitis, and so forth. Consult an orthotist (orthotics expert) for buying appropriate orthotics pads.

They are short-term solutions for preventing and reducing heel pain. The best way of dealing with heel pain is wearing orthotics while exercising. Besides preventing heel pain, orthotics pads are also used for curbing arthritis, hammertoes, capsulitis, shin splits, neuropathy etc. These pads help in correcting posture and body alignment and provide stability to the heels.

There has been a steady rate of pain reduction among users of orthotics pads, which makes them a viable solution for preventing and treating heel injuries.