How to Tape Your Ankles Easily without Professional Help

Jonathan Tomines | May 8, 2015 | 0 comment.

Ankle taping is commonly done by athletes and sportspersons to avoid ankle injuries. It is also used to protect injured ankles from suffering further damage on the field. The style of taping varies from person to person. We will discuss an easy method of taping your ankles during urgent situations when no medical help is around.

Required Materials:

  1. Strapping tape – Preferably 38 MM. Some people may also use a 50 MM tape if a bigger area needs to be taped.
  2. Strong adhesive tape – Surgical tapes are preferred as they can hold on the skin firmly. In case surgical tapes are unavailable, use any other adhesive tape that does not cause reaction or allergies to the skin. Branded tapes are more advisable.
  3. Scissors – A pair of scissors may be required to cut the adhesive tape.
  4. Before you begin to wrap the tape on your ankle, make sure to clean the swollen area. It should not be oily and wet, or else the tape will not stick firmly.


  1. Place the ankle in a 90-degree angle before wrapping the tape. Keep it on a raised platform like a table or a box. Incorrect placement of the ankle will not allow the tape to hold on to the skin.
  2. Apply the strapping tape around the ankle in a figure 8 position.
  3. Apply more strapping tape from the arch of the foot to a comfortable position above the ankle bones. The tape should be placed 2-3” above the ankle bones so that their movement is undeterred.
  4. After wrapping the foot and ankle with strapping tape with the above-mentioned procedure, take the adhesive tape and open it. Use two separate strips to strengthen the wrap.
  5. Now carefully wrap the adhesive tape over the strapping tape. Choose an easy position to execute the wrap successfully.
  6. Take the bandage upwards in a diagonal position, so that it goes above the heel. Bring it to the lower calf and wrap it two-three times.
  7. Wrap the adhesive tape around the midfoot and then to the forefoot. Move the tape to the lower calf and finish the wrap. Make sure to leave the heal open otherwise you will not be able to move your foot comfortably.
  8. Now you will need the scissor to cut off the tape. If you are satisfied with the compression of the bandage, leave the wrap as it is. Do not add another layer.